Metal Xano - Metal Nanoparticle Generator

Major particle sizes: 1 ~ 100 nm.

Pure physical processes: fast, simple and clean.

Performance & Application

Metal Xano generates pure metal and metal oxides nanoparticles with the particle size distribution ranging from 1 nm to 100 nm. It can also produce metal nanosheets or nanorods. Metal nanomaterials have created an influential impact in the applications of semiconductor and biomedical sciences, such as electronic devices, photocatalysis, solar cells, cosmetics, targeted drug delivery and wound healing, to name but a few.


Tungsten oxides for electrochromic devices

HPAS standard procedure 05 g

The TEM image shows the particles generated are smaller than 10 nm in diameter.


HPAS standard procedure 05 g

Analysis of the interplanar spacing from the TEM image confirms the material is WO3.


HPAS standard procedure 05 g

The characteristic peaks in the XRD are identical to those of monoclinic WO3.



Zinc oxides for anticancer, antibacterial and diabetes treatments


In the TEM image we found the nanosheets produced by Metal Xano.



Analysis of the interplanar spacing and angle from the TEM image confirms the material is ZnO.



The characteristic peaks in the XRD are identical to those of hexagonal ZnO.



Copper oxides for potential antimicrobial applications


In the AFM image we found nanoparticle assemblies (NPAs).


The profile shows the sizes of the nanoparticles are about 20 nm.


The characteristic peaks in the XRD are identical to those of cubic Cu and CuO.



Methods for producing nanomaterials

Solution-based methods

Spray pyrolysis, sol-gel dip, spin coating, etc.

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The solution-based methods usually involve toxic precursors, complex synthesis steps in preparation, followed by hours of post treatments. In terms of mass production, some of the methods, such as electrodeposition or hydrothermal synthesis, would also leave behind a large amount of harmful waste.


Vapour-based methods

Thermal evaporation, radio-frequency sputtering, electron-beam evaporation, etc.

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The vapour-based methods require expensive equipments. In terms of mass production, the size of the produced thin films is limited by the dimensions of the vacuum chamber.




Nanovie's electro-explosion & spray coating technology

Cost effective, environment friendly and a much larger film size.

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Metal Xano could be configured to achieve desired particle size distribution and production rate in pure physical processes. It's simple and fast, leaving no hazardous waste behind.  Nanovie's spray coating device could easily produce a thin film of uniform thickness with the size beyond 1 m by 1 m. With Nanovie's integrated technologies, the users could fabricate a variety of nanomaterials in different formations, including nanoparticles, nanosheets, nanorods and thin films made from the generated nanomaterials.


Fast | Simple | Clean

Metal Nanoparicle Generator Design Product Photo

  • Direct production, without complicate chemical preparation or vacuum environment.
  • Parameter configurations and production are controled via software.
  • Environmental friendly with pure physical processes, leaving no hazardous waste.


Metal Nanoparicle Generator Design Product Photo

  • Easy-to-use interface via touch panel.
  • Explosion parameters configuration, including speed, step, cycle, etc.
  • Mechanical movement control, including gate, stage, feeder, etc.


Features & Specifications

  • Metal Xano is a table-top metal nanoparticle generator using Nanovie's cutting edge explosion technology that produces pure metallic or metal oxides nanoparticles in liquids under a reliable and controllable condition.


    • Major Particle Size* : 1 ~ 100 nm
    • Output Concentration* : 0.1 mg up to above 1000 mg per hour
    • Supported Materials : Pt, Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, W, Ni, Mo, Nb, Ta, V, etc.
    • Metal Wire Diameter : 0.1 ~ 0.5 mm
    • Thin film requires Nanovie Spray Coater (Optional).

    * depending upon materials & parameters.


    • Explosion Voltage : 24 / 36 / 48 V ( Optional: 60 / 72 V )
    • Wire Explosion Speed* : 10 ~ 30 mm/min
    • Control Interface : Android app for mobile phone
    • Speed Controller : Optional. Motorised stage required.

    * depending upon materials & parameters.


  • Metal Xano's sophisticate software facilitates the speedy production of nanomaterials. At the same time it ensures the reliability and replicability of nano-scale production.


    Explosion Control
    • Parameter configuration: speed, cycle, step...
    • Test and production function
    • Real time status monitoring and warning


    Mechanical Control
    • Movement control: gate, stage, feeder...
    • Emergency Hardware shutdown


  • Nanovie NPG Metal Xano is ideal for a variety of applications:


    Electronics & Semiconductors
    • Photocatalysis
    • Self-cleaning coating
    • Solar cells
    • Electronic devices
    • Pigments
    • Cosmetics


    Biomed & Environment
    • Targeted drug delivery
    • Wound healing
    • Hydrogen production
    • Water purification


  • NPG Metal Xano is a compact tabletop nanoparticle generator that offers easy-to-use remote control over mobile phone.


    Main Body & Electronic Controller

    • Dimension (mm): 450 X 350 X 300(H)
    • Weight (kg): 4.0 kg
    • Power: DC 9V 1A (Input: 100-240V AC @ 50/60Hz)


    External Batteries

    • 48V: 4 batteries, 12V each.
    • Optional: 5 or 6 batteries, 12V each.