HPAS Mono : High-precision alignment stacking

Professional alignment tools for stacking 2D materials & heterostructures

Sub-micron aligning features

Fast & accurate: minimised oxidation and contamination, superior and reliable stacking quality.


HPAS feature image overlapping

50-nm plannar resolution & 0.056˚ angular resolution



Object Tracking

HPAS feature object tracking

Detect the edges in live-view mode. Example: a sample on PMDS.

Contrast Enhancement

HPAS feature contrast enhancement

Improve the colour contrast in live-view mode.


Image Overlapping

HPAS feature image overlapping

Overlap a pre-captured image to align objects at different depths of focus.

RGB Analysis

HPAS feature rgb analysis

Four channels (red, green, blue and grey) for the thickness analysis. Example: green channel analysis.



Temperature control

HPAS feature image overlapping

Heating upto 150˚C with real-time PID control.



Simple Setup / Quick Exchange / Precise Alignment / Professional Functions


Nanovie Product HPAS Alignment Stacking 008n800web

Procedures of aligning and stacking

HPAS control interface

Control Interface - motorised stage, live-view camera, focus, colour and temperature.


1) Find the target

HPAS standard procedure 05 g

2) Focus and Position

HPAS standard procedure 09

3) Align and stack

HPAS standard procedure 11 g

4) OM Inspection

HPAS standard procedure 12 g

Features & Specifications

  • HPAS Mono (High-Precision Alignment Stacking), equipped with professional computer-aided alignment technologies, is able to precisely align the hetereostructures or 2D materials during the stacking process.


    Sub-micron Precision Stage
    • XYZ resolution ≈ 50 nm/step
    • Rotation resolution ≈ 0.056°
    • Travel range XYZ ≈ 2 x 2 x 5 cm
    • Computer-aided stage control


    Computer-aided Alignment
    • Live-view operation
    • Computer-aided focus
    • Contrast enhancement
    • Object tracking
    • Image overlapping
    • RGB thickness analysis


  • In place of a generic digital camera, HPAS Mono is well integrated with a professional-grade objective and a high-sensitivity camera to perform the highly demanding alignment tasks.


    • Magnification = 20 X
    • Numeric aperture = 0.45
    • Flat-field correction*
    • Abberation correction*
    • Apochromatic correction*
    • Assisted illumination


    • High sensitivity sensor
    • Sensor size: 1/2.8" (pixel size ≈ 3 μm)
    • Dynamic Resolution: 1920 x 1080 p (Video)
    • Static Resolution: 3264 x 1836 p
    • Exposure time: 1 ms ~ 10 sec
    • Supports: UDB, HDMI, SD card (class 10)


    * The above could be customised and subject to changes without notice.

  • In addition to all kinds of two-dimensional materials, Nanovie HPAS Mono excels in coping with the following applications:


    2D heterostructures:
    • Photovoltaic cells / photodetectors
    • Interface / contact improvement
    • Light-emitting / tunnelling diodes
    • Electrolyte / logic gates


    Other applications:
    • Suspended devices
    • Metal mask alignment
    • Nanoscale electronics


  • Nanovie HPAS Mono is a compact tabletop alignment stacking station that offers the complete professional grade functions required to carry out the cutting-edge stacking tasks.


    Main Body:

    • Dimension (mm): 450 X 340 X 500(H)
    • Weight (kg): 16.5 kg


    Electronic Controller:

    • Power: 12V DC 1A (Input: 100-240V AC @ 50/60Hz)
    • Dimension (mm): 275 X 190 X 65(H)
    • Weight (kg): 1.5 kg


    Sample Working Space:

    • Sample Size (mm): < 20 X 20
    • Chamber Size: 20 X 20 X 50(H)


    Other Requirements:

    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • USB: 2 Ports