Metal Xano - Metal Nanoparticle Generator

Major particle sizes: 1 ~ 100 nm.

Pure physical processes: fast, simple and clean.

HPAS Mono : High-precision alignment stacking

Stacking 2D materials & heterostructures, suspended devices, nanoscale electronics, metal masks...

Computer aided interface ensures XYZ precision to 50 nm

Operation in a glove box via external software control

STM Phaino : Nanoscope for industrial R&D

Move the sample at 50 nm/step

Zoom with 2 built-in scanners

Scan 3D images & measure I-V curves

STM/STS Exypnos : for Experiment & Training

Innovative quantum / tunnelling experiments: 3D nano structures & I-V curves

Automatic tip-to-sample approach: ~ 1 nm/step

Nanovie Auto Tip Maker for STM, Probers & Nano-Machines

Single push to automate batch production of nanoscopic tips.